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  • How do I become a Freemason?
    You have already taken the first step. The old adage goes, "To be one you must ask one." The next step is to click on the contact link and leave us a message. Someone will get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to meeting you.
  • I was initiated into an irregular or non-Prince hall masonic lodge. How do I join True American #2?
    You would need to follow these simple steps: Click onto our contact link and leave us a message with how to contact you. You will need to be "healed" and we can explain what that means when we talk. You will have to complete a petition. The formal process after submitting the petition will be explained to you in the initial conversation.
  • How do I volunteer to do community service with members of True American #2?
    First, thank you for your interest and heart to serve the community. Second, you will simply need to click the contact link and let us know of your interest in serving and someone will get in touch with you regarding the details of upcoming events or service opportunities.
  • Where do I donate to the lodge to support charitable causes?
    You can do so by clicking "Donate" in the upper right corner of the page. Thank you for your interest in financially supporting our outreach efforts.
  • Can I come to any of the lodge meetings listed on your events schedule, and if so what time do you meet?"
    The "Meetings" tab tells you when we meet. You MUST be a Prince Hall Affliated Mason to attend lodge meetings, and you MUST contact us in advance and alert us of your visit prior to showing up to the lodge for the meeting. Otherwise you may be turned away, depending on the business agenda items being discussed that evening. Thank you for your interest.
  • How do I become an Eastern Star?
    Please click the "Contact" tab and leave your contact information and we will reply with details on how to contact someone locally from OES (Order of Eastern Stars).
  • When is your next service activity? I want to volunteer.
    Our calendar of events can be found by cicking the "Calendar" tab at the top of the page. Thank you for your interest in volunteering with True American Lodge #2.
  • I keep hearing about clandestine or irregular masons. What does this mean and how do I know I am joining a legitimate masonic lodge?
    There is an article by David Pugh of the Phylaxis Society that answers this question quite nicely. Here it is: "Greetings...This blog will serve as a platform to document new organizations throughout out the world as they come to our knowledge. Please note that this list is a continuous work in progress and may never be “complete” as new Bogus bodies seem to sprout up daily. That being said if you are trying to determine if a masonic organization is legitimate you may follow these simple guidelines for the United States only. There are only two legitimate Grand Lodges in any state . One being the Grand Lodge Of State, for example The Grand Lodge Of Indiana F&AM and the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Indiana F&AM. Regarding Prince Hall Affiliated (PHA) Grand Lodges there are two states where the Grand Lodge does not have Prince Hall in the name. In the state of Florida it is the M.W Union Grand Lodge of Florida;Belize,Central America;& Jurisdiction Prince Hall Affiliated. In addition The M.W Stringer Grand Lodge F&AM is the PHA Grand Lodge for the state of Mississippi(please note, there is not a Prince Hall Grand lodge in every state). In short if a masonic styled organization does not belong to one of the above mentioned categories in the United States unfortunately it is not legitimate. If anyone has knowledge of a Bogus masonic organization that needs to be included to the list please send the information to and it will be added." Thank you David Pugh, MPS Commission on Bogus Masonic Practices [Please note: For a list of known bogus, clandestine, or irregular lodges go to]
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