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Did you know...?



Did you know the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge for the State of Ohio F&AM was Reverend Thomas W. Stringer, and that the Grand Lodge of the State of Mississippi is named after him?  This is even more special since no other lodge in the country is named after an individual.


Did you know that by the end of the first 50 years of Prince Hall Freemasonry in Ohio there were over 100 lodges and over 1,000 members.  Today there are 48 lodges spread throughout seven districts within the MWPHGL of Ohio? There are also over 300,000 Masons throughout the world.


Did you know that PGM Dr. Chester C. Pryor was the 1st African American Opthalmologist in the State of Ohio, and that he received the 2018 Great Living Cincinnatian Award from the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber?


Did you know there have been a total of 16 PGMs (of the MWPHGL of Ohio) from Cincinnati and 5 of them have come from True American Lodge #2? 


Did you know that True American Lodge #2 was established on May 3, 1848 and was granted its warrant by the First Independent African Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania?


Did you know that PGM Sidney Broadnax served as the 55th MWGM of the MWPHGL of Ohio, and is a 33° Mason who serves as second in command for the United Supreme Council, the national governing body for 32° and 33° Masons?


Did you know the current Grand Master of the MWPHGL of Ohio Chester Christie is a graduate of Ohio State University Moritz College of Law, and has spent much of his his career as a Labor Attorney? Also, did you know that in May 2015, the Chester C. Christie Training Center was dedicated in honor of his service to the City of Columbus? 

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